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Keeping your customers, patrons, and employees happy and engaged is valuable for any business type. Whether it’s a patient in your waiting room, a group watching the Sunday game in your bar or restaurant, or your employees in the break lounge, Sports Direct offers DirecTV programming to entertain your audience.

Sports Direct provides the best programming for your business, regardless of your industry.

There's only one choice in entertainment for your business

Sports Direct is your hotline for access to unmatched entertainment programming and packages through DirecTV. With nationwide availability, you can enjoy a 99% effective signal and give your customers what they love most.

Sports Direct is in your corner for the best DirecTV programming options, regardless of your business size. From Fortune 500 Companies, to multi-location operators to mom-and-pop shops, we have sports and entertainment packages to fit your business. You will enjoy a one-on-one service exclusive with sports coverage and the simplicity of using a single provider in all of your locations.

Sports are always In season with Sports Direct

Imagine a program where sports programming never stops. Sports Direct knows the exact DIRECTV programming your business needs – and yes, all sports are always on. You can watch live NFL games every Sunday. Working with Sports Direct allows you to access national, regional, and local sports channels networks, like FS1, ESPN, Golf Channel, and more. These programs come in the industry’s best picture format, with most NBA games in 4K.

Watch Live out-of-market games, every Sunday afternoon

Your customers and patrons will have access to live NFL games, while also enjoying many great DIRECTV features:
- All games in crystal clear HD
- Move from game to game and watch live look-ins for your top fantasy players using the DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE® CHANNEL.
- Use the RED ZONE CHANNEL to enjoy all the action on the 20th.

Even more sports packages for your business

Sports Direct offers DIRECTV sports programming packages to keep just about any sports fan happy while they are in your business. Your customers will enjoy live sports year-round for all their favorite sports organizations:
- NBA League Pass
- MLB Extra Innings
- NHL Center Ice
- And More!

Bring in locals with local channels

Sports Direct makes it easy for your business and customers to keep in touch with the local community. We have impressive local channel offerings to catch all the local sports with DIRECTV local programming packages.

We do music, too

We also offer music programming to fit your individual business needs. Sports Direct has several music options with DIRECTV Music Choice Channels to play commercial-free music for your guests and customers.
Sports Direct Pro Tip: You can also use it to promote your business with advanced customized messaging.

Viewing options for small businesses

At Sports Direct, we understand every business is unique. We match your preferred package with the most appropriate option to fit your business type. Sports Direct offers options for DIRECTV entertainment at your small business, such as:

Public viewing

Keep your restaurant, coffee shop, and bar patrons excited and happy while enjoying your food and drinks by giving them access to add-ons like MLB EXTRA INNINGS and NFL games.

Business viewing

The waiting room does not have to be a boring place. Keep your retail shop, salon, and gym clients occupied and patient with an array of programming ranging from TV shows, news, movies, and sports.

Private viewing

Offering your employees and partners engaging programming can prevent inattentiveness. Private viewing is the best option for workplaces like office common areas, break rooms, and conference rooms.

Learn more about how Sports Direct can improve your business today!

Entertained customers are happy customers. They will come back more often, spend more money, and refer your business to friends. Elevating your business with entertainment programming doesn’t have to be complicated. Reach out to our programming specialists at Sports Direct by calling 888.811.0829, to develop a custom solution and keep everyone in your business entertained and coming back for more.

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