DirecTV Packages


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Shopping for the best satellite TV programming for your business can be tough, but it has never been easier than with Sports Direct. Browse through a variety of DirecTV packages designed for just about any business need. 

Sports Direct Brings Winning Content with DirecTV

Everything you love to watch is available with DirecTV programming plans and equipment that fit your customers’ interests. Whether you are searching for satellite programming for your bar, restaurant, or store, Sports Direct has all your best options ready. 


Sports Direct is your business’s key player for exclusive DirecTV sports programming like NFL Sunday Ticket, the hub for all things sports, 17 Sundays a season. With loads of premium channels, you can watch all the award-winning shows that everyone is talking about online. 


Sports Direct Offers The Most MLB® Games with DirecTV

At Sports Direct, we give you and your customers access to the most MLB games available. Packages like DIRECTV Choice ensure you and your customers can watch all of your favorite MLB games airing on ESPN, FS1, FOX, MLB Network, TBS, and local networks. DirecTV programming offers more regional sports than other satellite providers and has the most live sports available in 4K HDR. As the country’s #1 satellite TV service, you can trust DirecTV for your sports needs.

Every Live Out-of-Market Game, Every Sunday Afternoon

Thrill your guests with eight NFL games on one screen in Crystal Clear HD with the 8-Game Mix Channel or with the 20 all-in-one Red Zone channels. Gain access to the DirecTV Fantasy Zone channel, the first-ever, exclusive home of all things fantasy football. 


Even More Sports Packages for Your Business

Choose the perfect sports package tailored for you and your business’s needs. There is no shortage of plans perfect for your business, with multiple package options for public, business, and private viewing. Public viewing options are perfect for bars and restaurants while business and private viewing packages complement non-food-oriented businesses, such as salons, shops, gyms, offices, and employee break rooms.


What You Get From Sports Direct

Each DirecTV package includes everything you need to watch all your favorites. Sports Direct will help you navigate the best equipment and programming options as needed for your business.


Viewing Options for Small Businesses

No matter how big or small your business is, Sports Direct has DirecTV programming options just for you.  


Commercial Basic Plus

The commercial basic plus gets your business 45+. Perfect for both public and business viewing. Get up to 4 HD receivers included.


Business Select™

Great for public and business viewing, Business Select™ plans get 95+ channels and up to 4 HD receivers. You also get SHOWTIME® and EPIX® on us for three months.


Business Entertainment™

Perfect for private viewing, the Business Entertainment™ package comes with 100+ channels. Get up to 4 HD receivers included and SHOWTIME® and EPIX® on us for three months.


Commercial Entertainment

Perfect for public viewing at bars and restaurants, the Commercial Entertainment package comes with 105+ channels, up to 4 HD receivers, and ESPN and ESPN 2. 


Business Xtra

With 155+ channels, up to 4 HD receivers, MUSIC CHOICE™, PREMIUM included for 24 months, and 2nd TV Access Fee Included, the Business Xtra plan is the best choice for private business viewing. It also has SHOWTIME® and EPIX® on us for three months.


Commercial Xtra™

The Commercial Xtra™ plan offers the best sports value. Perfect for public viewing, it comes with 185+ channels, regional sports networks, Music Choice™ Premium for 24 months, plus your 2nd TV Access Fee is included in the price.


Commercial Choice Plus

With 135+ channels like ESPN, ESPNews, and more, plus regional sports networks, Commercial Choice Plus is great for public viewing. 


Learn More About How Sports Direct Can Enhance Your Video Programming with DirecTV Today!


Stop chasing endlessly complicated satellite TV options for businesses and allow us to solve your problems. Sports Direct is ready to help you find the perfect fit. If you’re ready for Sports Direct to guide you through satellite TV programming options for your business,  contact us today!